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EasyClean Duster for Blinds, Shutters, and More

The EasyClean Duster is a great addition to your cleaning supplies, designed to save time and money. This new Duster has the ability to clean many hard to reach areas of your home and is specially designed to help keep your shutters and blinds clean and dust free. It's washable, so you can re-use The EasyClean Duster over and over again.

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how to use, along with Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Will the EasyClean Duster clean any surface?

    Yes, EasyClean will dust all surfaces including: Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass, and Tile. It works on anything you need to clean in your home. You can use the duster to clean any dry surface or use EasyClean wet for those sticky or tough areas to clean. Try it you’ll love it.

  • Will EasyClean adjust to clean any size of Blind?

    Yes, EasyClean adjusts to all 1”, 2”, 3”, or 4” slats, whether you have Blinds or Shutters. Just pin set up for your blind size.

  • How long will the dusting fingers last?

    Well this depends on how much you use them and if they are washed often and cleaned. If so, you can expect them to last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. Microfiber is a very durable product and can be washed over and over again.

  • How do I clean the dusting fingers?

    Simply remove the microfiber dusting fingers from the foam sleeve and throw them in your washer! You can let them air dry or throw them in your dryer. They are usable over and over again for long term cleaning. We recommend getting the product with an extra set of the dusting fingers so you always have them to switch out while cleaning.

  • How does EasyClean pick up the dust so well?

    Microfiber Noodles have the unique ability to latch on to the smallest dust particles. Microfiber is full of thousands of microscopic fabric tentacles that cling to the dust. It becomes like a magnet which helps you rid your home of unwanted dust and allergens without spray on chemicals!

  • Will EasyClean save me time and money?

    Yes, It means you buy less refills and get more out of your cleaning efforts with EasyClean. If you have been buying dusters which require refills you throw away, it will help save a lot of money and time. EasyClean gets jobs done quick and easy with its microfiber noodles and its 3 finger cleaning system.

  • Will EasyClean be durable for many years?

    Yes, this is a quality heavy duty product that lasts. We are proud to provide you a product that will maintain a long lifespan. EasyClean helps reduce cleaning costs and improves performance for a safer and cleaner home. This will be the last duster you ever have to buy! Clean Smarter...Invest in EasyClean!

  • Cleans any surface : Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Tile
  • Microfiber Noodles Cling to dust for maximum cleaning
  • Cleans Furniture, Electronics, Blinds, Picture Frames & Light Fixtures
  • EasyClean is simple to Set up
  • Removable Dusting Fingers, Rollers and Pins
  • Dusting Fingers spin 360 degrees for full use of dusting surfaces
  • Adjustable to clean any project. Use 1 -2, or 3 Dusting Fingers to clean
  • Cleans tough Jobs like Blinds and Shutters Quick and Easy (see chart below )
  • Dry or Wet use for tough or sticky jobs
  • Re-washable – Re-usable – Re-fillable

EasyClean Duster

Our Price: $24.99 Free Shipping

The EasyClean Duster comes complete as shown to make your cleaning more effective and simple. It is very durable and reliable for long life and it’s unique 3 finger microfiber chenille dusting system cleans deep and reaches those tough areas. The EasyClean dusting fingers spin and you can use either 1, 2, or 3 dusting fingers for different cleaning jobs you have in your home. It is great for cleaning your blinds and shutters, but use it on your furniture, fixtures, ledges, moldings, etc., too. Re-wash, Re-use, and Re-fill is our theme to further save you time and money when using our EasyClean Duster. Try the EasyClean Duster today and you’ll never buy another duster again!

EasyClean Duster with Adapter

Our Price: $27.99 Free Shipping

The EasyClean duster along with the Adapter is a great buy. This alone gives you the ability to clean difficult and high areas throughout your home (pole not included). Just try this set out and see how much time you save. Use the adapter with any standard threaded broom handle or pole you already have and you’ve just equipped yourself with a dust fearing machine! You can’t go wrong with this combo to get to those hard to reach areas.

EasyClean Duster with Refill

Our Price: $27.99 Free Shipping

The EasyClean Duster and Refill set offers a great combo pack. This powerful duo gives you the ability to clean your whole house without having to stop and clean dusting fingers. As you know dust is everywhere and quickly piles up. This combo gives you 6 dusting fingers to work with while cleaning your home instead of just 3. If you have minor cleaning to do it allows you to clean one set of refills while the other is in use. Don’t go without an extra set and order the combo set today or give it to a friend; it makes a great gift too!

EasyClean Duster- Adapter- Refill

Our Price: $29.99 Free Shipping

This is the ultimate value. When you order all three of these components you are complete and you are ready to eliminate all dust in your path. You have just armed yourself with our EasyClean Duster, Refills to keep you cleaning without having to stop, and the Adapter to reach new heights (pole not included, just use any standard broom handle or pole you may have). Life just got smoother and easier for you and your family by stocking your home with this complete package. Includes everything you need to keep your blinds, shutters, walls, woodwork, furniture, nooks and crannies dust free!

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