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Steps to Ordering Shutters

White, Ivory, or Almond. White is pure white and works with cool tones, ivory works well with most off-whites and warm tones. Almond is good if you need a slightly darker tone.

Measuring For Shutters

Carefully record your measurements for each window using a good steel tape measure and following the guidelines below.Measure all widths and heights to the 1/8th of an inch.

Depth Clearance

Measure the depth of your window opening and then examine the drawings below to determine if an inside mount is possible or an outside mount is required. Depth clearance is the minimum space required for the shutter louvers to open and close.

Mounting Frame Styles

Examine the illustrations and pictures below to determine the best mounting frame for your situation. If shutters are mounted within the recess of the window opening, this is known as an "Inside Mount".

Panel Arrangements

There are many ways to arrange and combine shutters in a window opening, especially on larger windows. Below is a summary. Click on the link buttons for more detail and illustrations for each panel group.

Shutter Installation

Anyone who can handle most home improvement and repair projects should have no problem installing the Vinylbilt Shutter system. All shutters and frames are pre-cut, pre-hinged, and pre-assembled in the factory.