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Shutter Panel Arrangements

There are many ways to arrange and combine shutters in a window opening, especially on larger windows. Below is a summary. Click on the link buttons for more detail and illustrations for each panel group. Check that your opening falls within the minimum and maximum size. Note: each individual panel may be a maximum of 36" wide or 24" wide if hinged as a bifold (18" preferred).

Shutters can also be installed on French Doors, Bay and Bow Windows, and Patio Doors. Click Here for more information on Doors.

NOTE: The arrangements below are the most common. However, arrangements with five, seven, or even eight panels across can be made. If you have uneven window sections, it is possible to have the panels made to match or T-post placement to line up with the break. Call us at 888-887-4623 to discuss any unusual situations.


Min: 8 inch wide, Max: 36 inch wide

Single Panel


Min: 16 inch wide, Max: 72 inch wide

Double Panel


Min: 24 inch wide, Max: 108 inch wide

Triple Panel

4 Panel

Min: 32 inch wide, Max: 144 inch wide

4 Panels Across

6 Panel

Min: 48 inch wide, Max: 216 inch wide.

6 Panels Across