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Divider rail is required if shutter panel height is over 66”. A second divider rail is required if panel height is over 96”. Distance between rails must be less than 66”. Although added strength is the main feature of a divider rail, it also allows bottom louvers to be fully closed for privacy and top louvers open for light. Due to excessive louver overlap that may occur, there should be no less than 18” between dividers or a divider rail and top/bottom rail.

Note: Center line location of divider rails may vary up or down by a maximum of 1 1/2”. For adjacent openings to have same divider location the height must be same.

When divider rails are desired at a similar height from the floor, from window to window, or from room to room, measure height of center of divider rail from the floor up to the same point on the second window, then measure down to the bottom of the shutter. This measurement down is the “distance-up.” If you require a specific divider rail location, please specify in the remarks section on the order form. If it is not possible, we will contact you with the options.

Divider Rail Width
• 2 5/8