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Shutter Colors & Samples

Vinyl Shutters are available in White (cotton), Ivory (pearl) and Almond (vanilla). White is pure white, Ivory is an antique white and close in color to SherWms paint #7013 Ivory Lace. Almond is close in color to an almond nut shell and SherWms paint #6112 Biscuit.

Vinyl shutters never need to be painted. They do not peel, fade or flake like wood shutters. But if you want a color, you can paint them by using a good primer first.

The colors in the picture will vary with different monitors. If you are in doubt about the color, we can mail you FREE small color samples. Just click on Contact Us to order. 

If you would like to see the quality of the shutters or see how they will fit your windows before you place an order, we can mail you a 12" x 18" shutter sample panel. Just click on the link below to order or call us at 888-887-4623. The panels are available in each color, each louver size and each operating option. The cost for a panel is $50.00 plus $24.00 for freight. We supply a return prepaid shipping label. Your $50.00 is refunded upon the return in good condition. The panels must be returned within 30 days or you will be charged $125.00 additional.

We can also mail you FREE small shutter frames. You can hold the panel and frames up to your window to better understand which look you prefer and how they are installed.