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Steps To Ordering Shutters

1. What color?

White, Ivory, or Almond. White is pure white and works with cool tones, ivory works well with most off-whites and warm tones. Almond is good if you need a slightly darker tone. See Colors (We can send you a no charge color sample)

2. Hinges:

Do you want the matching shutter color? Or brass or stainless steel hinges are available. Stainless are $5.00 per panel upcharge.

3. What size louver? 2-1/2”, 3-1/2”, or 4-1/2"? (no cost difference)

Consider your design preference, but you must also check the amount of clearance required for the combination of mounting frame and louver size that will work with the particular window opening. Consult clearance charts.

4. Which shutter style do you prefer?

  • Traditional tilt bar in front in middle of louvers or off to one side.
  • Clearview with tilt bar in back of the shutter, off to one side.(10% upcharge)

Or the Hidden Tilt where no tilt bar shows front or back. (15% upcharge)See Pictures on Features Page

5. Type of mount? Consult clearance charts. Choices are:

  • Inside mount without mounting frame. Hinges are applied directly to existing window frame.
  • Requires square openings. Perfect for tilt in windows.
  • Inside mount with mounting frame (L, Z, or Trim, Deluxe Trim, or Bullnose Z ) or mounting strips.
  • Outside mount on wall. (L, S or Casing frame)
  • Outside mount on top of existing trim. (L, S or Casing frame)
  • Outside mount on wall outside of trim. (L, S or Casing frame)
  2. 6. Type of mounting frame: Click For Frame Styles.
    • No frame, inside mount. (Good for tilt in windows for cleaning)
    • Mounting strip (inside mount).
    • L-Frame (inside or outside mount).
    • Z-frame, (inside mount)
    • Trim Frame (inside mount with drywall or curved stucco openings).
    • Deluxe Trim Frame (inside mount with drywall or curved stucco openings).
    • Bullnose Z frame (inside mount with drywall openings.)
    • Casing Frame (outside mount only, adds 10% to basic cost)
    • S frame (outside mount only.
    • Bypass or Bifold frames for Patio Doors.
  4. 7. What panel configuration? Click for panel groups.

Hinged on sides, bifolds, TPosts? Large windows have more options. (Call us for help determining.)

8. Single or Double Hung? See the Difference

Double hung is one set of shutters mounted over another set. If double-hung,determine the location of the divide between the upper and lower sets (measured from the bottom).

9. Determine the location of divider rails on tall shutters (recommended over 50" tall) 1 required over 65" and 2 required over 96". None used under 36".

Measure up from the bottom to the middle of the desired location. Actual location may vary slightly due to spacing of louvers. Divider rails add strength to large panels and create upper and lower louver sections that may be adjusted separately for more light and privacy control. See Divider Rails.

10. Do you require uneven size shutter panels to match different size windows in a single opening?

You can measure where each window is mulled to another to align the shutter breaks or T-posts with the breaks in the windows. Measure to each break from the left. Call us for help with this.

After you call us with your measurements and we discuss other required details, we will prepare a written proposal and e-mail to you with all specifications for your approval. There can be no changes or cancellations once the order is confirmed and payment received by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal or check.

From the time the order is submitted to the factory, production time is usually about 10 working days or less and your order is shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Delivery time will depend on your location, usually 2 to 4 days. You will be given the tracking number when your order ships with date to expect delivery.

Ready To Order? Call: 888-887-4623 or try our Order Form

Why We Don't Offer Online Ordering   

Ordering custom shutters is not like ordering a book, software, or a toy over the internet. We want to help you get it right! Your understanding of what is necessary to select, measure, order and install your shutters is most important. We want to work with you to be sure there are no mistakes. After all, these shutters are custom made for your windows. So please go over the steps above and email or call us with your questions or to order. We want you to be more than satisfied with your new shutters.